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The 1 Thing You Need to Focus on to Lose Weight...It's Not Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and your focus is weight loss, you're less likely to lose weight. This is because when we keep saying to ourselves, "I want to/need to lose weight", what our brain hears and our heart feels is self-judgement, self-criticism, guilt and shame. Those thoughts and feelings do not facilitate weight loss. They do facilitate self-sabotage and roller coaster "dieting". Get off the shame train and the roller coaster by shifting your focus to what is getting in the way: what obstacles do you have? - There are 10 common obstacles to changing eating habits! What eating habits do you have? - There are 6 common eating habits! First: figure out which common obstacles and common eating habits you have. Second: focus on overcoming the obstacles and changing the habits. This is called shifting your focus from the problem to the solution. That is where and when the real life-long change happens. That's the sweet spot!

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