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Your Period is Your 5th Vital Sign

What does being a cyclical woman mean?

It means that your period is your 5th vital sign. Knowing your cycle is knowing yourself and self-knowledge is self-empowerment.

The 4 other vital signs are things that get routinely checked when you go to the doctor. Such as: pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.

When you are out of balance your body will send you signals trying to get your attention.

If you are not in tune with your cycle, you will quite possibly miss or ignore these signs and end up suffering needlessly.

There are 4 phases to your cycle. Your hormones do a beautiful dance to facilitate ovulation and menstruation if you do not conceive.

During phases 1-3 there will be a dominant hormone. When you track your cycle you will know which hormone is dominant and how it effects your physical and mental energy. WOW – you will get to know yourself and accept and take advantage of these different phases by making them work for you!

Lastly, PMS is NOT NORMAL. If you suffer with PMS that is your body telling you that something is off balance. Begin to question these symptoms that are disrupting your life by asking, “What is my body telling me it needs?”

This is a powerful reframe. From there you can begin to heal your imbalance.

xo Jennifer

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