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Our lifestyles are maladapted to hormone balance, not the other way around. 

What the Root Cause Approach means:

Finding the reason behind your symptoms. Finding the WHY. 

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  • Symptoms are signals that something is wrong. 

  • Symptoms are information that need interpretation.

  • Interpretation of your hormone related symptoms cannot be accomplished in 15 minutes.

  • Creating a clear path to Wellness takes time and commitment from you and me.

Simply knowing the WHY behind your symptoms – including emotional distress: anxiety, panic, irritability, depression; fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, lack of motivation, skin changes, bladder changes, libido changes, to name a few. Is life-changing and empowering and a tremendous relief. 


Not knowing is scary.

Stop the endless google-searching, confusion, fear, wasting money on the next wonder supplement, the next wonder diet, the next wonder workout, the next quick fix.

Root Cause Approach
Long Term Results:

Root Cause


Healthy Weight

Increased Energy Levels

Less Inflammation

Better Mental Health

Increased Motivation

Better Sleep

Healthier Skin and Hair

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Supplements are unfortunately becoming like prescriptions. An easy way to get you in and out of your providers office. Did you know that even the reputable brands rarely have therapeutic dosages in them? You need someone to interpret what is in those supplements and if they can actually provide you with what your body and mind need.

Quick fixes provide quick results that quickly fade.

If you are tired of trying EVERYTHING and want to find balance and health ONCE the Root Cause Approach is your only option.

One hormone affects all of the others, yes, ALL of the others.  Therefore, all aspects of your life must be considered and cared for.

Emotional Wellbeing




Meaningful Connections with Others

Making your choices out of Self-Love versus Self-Judgement

Determining what test(s) you need to find the Root Cause is crucial. Test, don’t guess. There are tests that are invaluable resources that allow us to understand precisely what is happening in your body and mind, creating a clear path to being what you are meant to be, a Well Woman.

The Well Woman Program.

Be Empowered. Get Your Health Back.

Don't just take my word for it...

“I loved Jennifers genuine and holistic approach.  She is absolutely brilliant.  She delivered complex concepts and information to me in an easily understandable way, then created a bridge to get me from where I was to where I wanted to be.  I didn’t think it was possible!  Thank you, Jennifer!”

Kelly M.

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