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You want to be Well, but no one is showing you HOW

Leverage your lifestyle to optimize your health and balance your hormones. You cannot medicate, supplement, or hormone replace your way to health without a solid foundation of Wellness.

The only way to heal is with a Root Cause approach. We assess your needs and will utilize comprehensive hormonal lab testing (when needed), in depth gut health assessments, and provide you with tools to support your mental and emotional health.

You want answers. You want real life actionable steps. You want to be seen and heard. Welcome to The Well Woman Collective.


Now Imagine...

  • A woman experiencing physical and emotional health challenges related to your hormones.

  • Feeling confused after nothing you have tried has been working

  • Tired of the endless google-searching,

  • Sick of taking supplements and wasting money

  • Don't want to be put on meds anymore 

  • Interested in answers and real life actionable steps.

  • Seeking guided support from a compassionate, expert practitioner


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  • Understanding the “WHY” behind so many everyday symptoms

  • Supporting your body’s needs and prevent further fluctuations

  • Reducing the fear aspect of not knowing or understanding what is happening in your body as  your hormones fluctuate during your cycle

  • Gaining a deeper respect for the magnificence of your body and menstrual cycle

  • Feeling strengthened and empowered

  • Being supported by a community of like minded women on the same journey

You are in the right place.

The Well Woman Collective


Jennifer Foege 
Women's Holistic Hormone Health Specialist & Nutrition Practitioner

Jennifer Foege is consistently curious and dedicated to learning. This growth mindset and curiosity has been a mainstay in her professional and personal life. When a question arose in either area she has been compelled to pursue the answers to the questions that she felt were not readily available. Throughout her 27 years in practice, she has not hesitated to learn and achieve 2 University degrees and 3 Certifications. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science, she earned her Masters degree as a Holistic Functional Nutritionist. She is a Certified Women's Holistic Hormone Health Specialist, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor.

Her motivation: to educate and empower everyone. When you can make informed choices in all aspects of your life, true freedom begins. When she had the opportunity to create Internationally Recognized Certification courses that aligned with her passion she did not hesitate. She has created several online Nutrition courses, including a Nutrition Consultant Professional Certification course, as well as one brand new internationally recognized therapeutic modality: Women's Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner.

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"I have been empowered."
“I absolutely loved working with Jennifer.  I have been empowered!  Jennifer provided me with a holistic approach toward my hormones - I now have a healthy body and mind and was able to avoid taking prescription medications to manage my symptoms. I think all women should have access to this type healing and realize they can care for themselves.  We are not broken!” 

Arleen M.

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