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Jennifer Foege Women's Holistic Hormone Health Specialist & Nutrition Practitioner

Jennifer Foege is consistently curious and dedicated to learning. This growth mindset and curiosity has been a mainstay in her professional and personal life. When a question arose in either area she has been compelled to pursue the answers to the questions that she felt were not readily available. Throughout her 27 years in practice, she has not hesitated to learn and achieve 2 University degrees and 3 Certifications. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science, she earned her Masters degree as a Holistic Functional Nutritionist. She is a Certified Women's Holistic Hormone Health Specialist, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. ‌ Her motivation: to educate and empower everyone. When you can make informed choices in all aspects of your life, true freedom begins. When she had the opportunity to create Internationally Recognized Certification courses that aligned with her passion she did not hesitate. She has created several online Nutrition courses, including a Nutrition Consultant Professional Certification course, as well as one brand new internationally recognized therapeutic modality: Women's Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner.

Jennifer Foege

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