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Vulnerability Hangover

These past few days I have been experiencing what I call a "vulnerability hangover". I have lived most of my life staying small, not voicing strong opinions, certainly not doing anything as vulgar as self-promotion. Until last week. I'm expanding my business because I want to reach more and therefore, help, more people. In order to help more people, I need to get out there and tell as many people as I can what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it. I shared stories that I normally don't because, well they're personal, and a lot of them are conversation stoppers. Like, when someone looks at you totally floored, but trying to look normal, and hide the fact that they wish they had somewhere to dash off to, so they can release themselves from the uncomfortable conversation. I've had a crazy mixed bag of life experiences. Where I am now, relatively sane and stable, in beautiful California, with the most amazing person I know - my beautiful daughter - defies the natural order of chaos and abuse continuing through the generations, or another typical outcome of one ending ones life - intentional or not. So, I told stories, I promoted my website, I'm promoting my "stress class", I'm giving business cards to everyone, I am putting myself out there - big time. Over the weekend I just wanted to hide. I was so emotional - crying - another awkward thing for those around you, especially if they're complete strangers, that just happened to be sitting next to in a very very small theater. But, you know what? I didn't hide, and I won't hide. If I hide you won't be able to find me and I won't be able to help you. It's completely worth the vulnerability, opening up the door for judgement and criticism... it also opens up the door to connection, confidence and love. I want those last 3 and I want you to have them too. DEFINITELY WORTH IT. xoxoxo Jennifer

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