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My Thoughts Create My Reality

What do you see and how does it make you feel?

I was recently reminded of this when I woke up and walked out side with my dog for our walk.... and saw that my car had been vandalized. All 4 tires were slashed and every panel of the car was keyed, including the rear window. This was an angry violent violation. I slipped back into fear and negativity - subconsciously seeing the world and everyone in it as potential threats - judging me, criticizing me, hating me - and this turned inward, I was judging me, criticizing me, hating me. My personal reality, was being shaped by an anonymous angry, unhappy, violent person. I wasn't smiling, laughing, creating, or helping anyone with this fear - most of all myself. I was losing my self-confidence and courage, losing my self-worth, my thoughts were turning toward self-sabotage. Where did my loving-kindness and compassion toward myself go?! Pulling on my inner resources and self-awareness and consciously deciding that this perspective wasn't what I wanted, I started to shift my perspective and focus on taking the next step that would get me back to my true self. The next step that took me back to the life and inner joy I worked so hard to create and sustain. I got there, and rather quickly too! All the work I put into my personal growth by changing my limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors truly is a part of me now. I AM empowered to live the life I want and want the life I live. It was an incredibly powerful reminder of the power of perspective.

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