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Is Paleo Right for Me?

Q: “Hi Jennifer,

I'm curious about your thoughts on Paleo, mostly because it's a popular diet trend. I tried it in the past when several naturopaths insisted I should eat that way to get better. I know people that have been on it for years.

I just want to educate myself on it as a way to eat and nourish oneself. My friend that does Paleo insists it's how we need to eat because that's how our ancestors ate. But then, that's cutting out whole grains and other food groups.

As usual, with nutrition, I find the topic of diets confusing and that there is too much information out there!”

A: “Yes it is confusing. The long and the short of it is, in my opinion, if someone wants to eat Paleo or Vegan or Intermittent Fasting or Keto or Vegetarian or, or or, and they feel good on that diet, then go for it. If you think about it - how can there be one way to eat for everyone? How can meat based and plant based BOTH be panaceas? Also, what is your goal when choosing what to eat? Is it weight loss? Health? The only "rule" I have is do not eat highly processed food. That fake food will kill you, slowly, but surely. It destroys your mental and physical health. 75% of disease is directly due to dietary choices. We also need to alter how we think about food - thinking about food strictly in terms of Macronutrients (Protein, Fat, Fiber/Carbs) diminishes the importance of food quality - the Micronutrients are crucial to how one's BodyMind functions. I also want to empower everyone to make food choices based on what works for them, not what works for your neighbor or celebrity. This means you must have a BodyMind awareness, so that you know how well or not well you function with what you put in your body and adjust or eliminate accordingly. I can't say this enough: EAT REAL FOOD. PERIOD.”

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