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Professional Certification Courses Are Re-Launching Soon

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If you are ready to learn how to put the health of you, your friends, family, and clients back into YOUR hands...

These courses are for YOU.

Nutrition Consultant
Professional Certification Course

This certification is also Internationally Recognized. 

ANOTHER Nutrition Consultant course… I know, therefore I will share with you what makes this course, and therefore you stand out from others?

  • Too many diseases are due to misinformed food choices and living an overworked and under-supported life. It is not due to a lack of pharmaceutical medications.

  • The food we eat communicates with our body, our mind, our spirit. This communication will create vitality and wellness should we allow ourselves to see and live the possibility of wellness.

  • This wellness is a multifaceted view – a dance between what is “outside” and what is “inside”.

  • We live in an extremely toxic time, and this must be taken seriously. The knowledge of wellness should not be kept a secret to the few, it must be made available to everyone. This NEW Certification course does just that.

  • This course places people, you (!) over profits and pollution. The pollution of your beautiful body, mind, spirit, and earth.

  • Learn why so many are caught in this trap of illness and confusion.

  • If you are ready to learn how to make informed, educated choices and put your health and the health of your friends, family, and clients back into YOUR hands, i.e. out of the hands of the food industry, the diet industry, the supplement industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the sick-care industry.  This course is for you.

  • Your options are not limited to what those industries have been manipulating you to believe.

  • Using food AND acknowledging and changing the tension in our minds IS wellness medicine.

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This is one of the best written courses
I’ve ever laid eyes on

“Jennifer, honestly, this is one of the best written courses I’ve ever laid eyes on. As someone whose spent a lot of time in the social media space and seen a lot of people teaching, WHHHP stands apart. Additionally, what stands apart is your pure heart and desire to get this information out into the world. I notice you are quick to share helpful details and truly want us to learn and grow. Your essence is exactly what I’d always hoped for in a teacher, thank you for being you.”

Christina K.

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