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Women's Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner


The only Internationally Recognized Practitioner Course and a Brand-New Professional Modality Created by Jennifer. She created this course because, in her own words: “I struggled for years because I did not have the information I needed to understand what was going on in my body. This left me at the mercy of whomever I saw for treatment, which invariably ended up with a suggestion for a prescription that did nothing to treat the root cause of my amenorrhea and accompanying life disrupting symptoms. Including being told I was infertile. I spent years searching for answers. I put the pieces together and finally understood what was the root cause of my suffering. It had a name and a cause; a why. Which meant, in my case, there was a way through. I could finally take actionable steps to harmonize my body and mind and balance my hormones. ..and what do you know...I gave birth to my daughter 18 years ago. If you, or a woman you know, has been struggling for years with hormonal imbalances and uncomfortable symptoms, you are not alone. And now, you are in the right place to learn how to understand the ‘why and how’ of these imbalances, and what to do to correct them.”




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